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Skygrid is a unique newscaster application for iDevices. It gathers news updates from all over the internet and displays at one place that users can easily access and enjoy reading news updates of their tastes. It is unique in its ability to gather news updated in separate categories. All news elated to one topic are compiled under the main category. For instance, it has a section named “What’s Hot” that contains news updates and articles from a number of sources. When user click on a particular topic, a list is displayed containing news updates and articles relevant to that particular category. This data is collected from various online resources and publications.

Users can enjoy reading articles by categories via using its news searching option like showbiz or sports. SkyGrid is a versatile application that can be used from any iOS devices. This quality makes it popular for both the users of iPad and iPhone. Users with iPad can make most of its side bar that is available in landscape mode. It allows the full screen web-browsing when it is used in portrait mode.

One thing is noticeable; it does not always show the consistent data about any particular topic. For instance, it shows different news articles and stories and ignores the actual term. There are certain flaws in the search option like when a term iPad is entered it displays content about sexual harassment cases.

On the other hand, most of the time it does not appear to do the same mistake for all topics, as it searches relevant articles matching to the particular topic and it extracts data from a large number of online sources. In reality, its functioning is totally dependent on the taste of user that can be appeared either as its weakness or good point. If reader is interested in reading news from local and typical sources such as The New York Time and ABC News then this application may be disappointing. On the contrary, it can be a great application if reader is not conscious about the source of news. It will function at its best if the user appears to be happy with any news source.

It contains a list of additional options like article sharing via Facebook and Twitter, article saving option through which users can save articles within this application to go though them later. It is no doubt a potable newscaster that users can use anywhere and anytime to read news updates and articles.



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