Muscle Trigger Points: Reference Guide for the Muscles in the Human Anatomy

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MuscleTriggerPoints4 199x300 Muscle Trigger Points: Reference Guide for the Muscles in the Human Anatomy  The Muscle Trigger Points is a new application developed for the iPod Touch and the iPhone. Users of both devices who have an interest in the human anatomy will particularly find the application helpful for gaining useful knowledge about various trigger points and muscle functions in the body.

The application features great looking 3D graphics and users who are in the medical line will be comfortable with the medical terminologies used in the application. Apart from containing useful information about muscle functions and trigger points, the application also has a pain referral guide about pain in different parts of the body. It gives instructive information that can help to identify sources of pain or tight muscles in these different portions of the body.

The Muscle Trigger Points application has detailed features of the anterior and posterior sections of the human body. It has highlights of both the muscles that are close to the surface of the skins and others that are deeply embedded into the body. These two sets of muscles are differentiated by colored dots. Yellow dots are used to depict the deep lying muscles while blue dots represent the muscles that are closer to the surface of the skin.

In order to know more about a muscle, a user has to tap on the particular muscle they are interested in knowing more about and a detailed description of the muscle, its functions, pain related issues and other comments are displayed. There is also an alphabetical listing of the muscles that can be used to quickly access muscles that are already known by name.

The application has a database that contains reference information for up to a hundred different muscles in the human body. In comparison to the six hundred muscles that are in the body, this may seem to be a paltry number, however the focus of the application is to serve as a reference for the more common muscles and their trigger points.

The application does also have some other noted limitations as some of the muscles in the application have no description or information included for them either. This tends to give the application incompleteness in some areas. For novices the application may seem to be comprehensive enough in its details but targeted users of the application such as professionals in the fields of physiotherapy, body massage or chiropractics will in all likelihood be able to pick out more noticeable omissions in the application.

The addition of the required data updates to its database will help to make the Muscle Trigger Points a more rounded reference guide. In its present state, it may be useful as a quick reference guide for professionals in the field but would be rather limited in helping a non-professional in arriving at the right diagnosis especially as terminologies used may be somewhat difficult to comprehend. Those wishing to learn more about the muscles in the human anatomy may want to check Learn Muscles, a reference guide for muscles developed by Real Bodywork which is more comprehensive and was designed primarily as an educational tool.

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