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iPUBQUIZ-Trivia Quiz is a perfect quiz game for trivia gaming lovers, who particularly like pub-style and multiple choice trivia gaming that puts its players in counter position with time along with other players. This quiz offers its players a fun quiz gaming that is quite popular among all iPhone users for its playable nature and ease of playing. It welcomes those who want to test their general knowledge about particular subjects or want a simple irresistible competition.


There are four questions in every round of this game. These questions are of multiple choice questions with four different options. Player has to click on the right answer to get to next question in the section. One strike is recorded against the player if he/she selects the wrong answer. If a player chooses four wrong answers then it means game is over. The time of answering the questions determines the quantity of points a user collects such as if a user answers more questions in quick time then he/she can secure significant number of points.


Players can compete for two distinct types of bonus lifelines; these are 50-50 and pass. When a player chooses a pass lifeline for any question then that question will be replaced with a new question. On the other hand, when a user selects a 50/50 option then the two wrong answers are eliminated from the options. Players can secure these two bonuses during each round by giving the answers to a question of a bonus round that is very simple and requires player to put a list of objects in a particular order.


iPUBQUIZ-Trivia Quiz  offers a wide variety of quiz categories that are ranging from Physics, Geography, and Astronomy to Kids’ Books, Movies and Cartoons. Player should bear in mind that this quiz is British, so certain categories may pop up anytime such as Royalty, Snooker or Telly etc. Some questions are also found to bias in terms of cultural values. Nevertheless, this game is well programmed and successfully able to maintain a balance between American and British English. It also allows its players to learn few interesting facts about both languages.


Overall, iPUBQUIZ-Trivia Quiz is a great and fun making application. It seems to have inspired greatly by trivia games of pub style. Sometimes in some categories repetition is common, while some categories do not have repetition or keeping it to the minimum point. This application available just at $0.99, users can enjoy testing their general knowledge and to enjoy competing other opponents.



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