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Most game addicts would admit that what keeps them hooked to playing certain games is the ability of such a game to keep their minds of anything else other than the challenges they have to face at each stage or level in the game. Nothing else matters other than getting rid of the game villains and reaching particular objectives. While it is relatively easy to get such games on game consoles, the same is not true for mobile devices such as the iPod as most of the games are usually of an average type. However, the Neo Defender 2 game for the iPhone does cross the mark and gives more fun than other average games.

The concept of the Neo Defender 2 is simple. The player is represented as a ball object that is placed on the center of screen with two cannons attached as weapons. The cannons are controlled by touch and the goal is to gun down any enemies that are homing in on the player’s ball character. To make the game more challenging, more shots are required to eliminate some enemies while others split into two when they are hit. It does not matter how many the villains are, they must all be shot dead.

Playing the game requires a real “hands on” approach as the action can sometimes get very frenzied. The weapons in the game are not automatic; as such players have to really exert themselves in order to get rid of the approaching enemies. A great deal of strategy is also involved so as not to quickly get overwhelmed by the approaching foes. Bonus weapons are made available from time which players can use to good effect, however this also requires that players be quick in making the exchange so as not to lose any precious moments to the enemies.

As the game progresses and a player successful moves to higher levels, there is an increase in the “cash” points earned. These points can be used to purchase new weapons or upgrade existing ones. New weapons that can be purchased include missiles, nukes and also defense shields can be bought. Heavier weapons include lasers that can blast right through the enemies and a mega cannon which eliminates all approaching enemies present on the screen simultaneously. Players who are down on health can also use their cash points to purchase more health.

The action in the Neo Defender 2 game is fast and frenzied and would be a perfect game for those who love the thrill of a challenging action game. The game is also very addictive and play should be left till periods when there is more than enough time for it, as it demands that players give it full attention.

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