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Dots For Tots is an iPhone application that contains numbers, shapes, letters and animals. Users can enjoy the iPhone touchscreen interface to connect dots from the pictures. Users have to identify numbers and must be aware of numerical order.

This application contains only basic shapes such as circle, triangle, and square along with oval, rhombus, star and heart. Many of the animals are same as in the application Color Me! such as whale, octopus and seal. The letters and number collection featuring from number 1 to 9 and contains all 26 alphabets. Every page is chromatic and brilliant, as they are specially designed for young kids.

On the whole, Dots For Tots is a catchy game that is well-designed for iPhone. However, there are some minor and forgivable flaws in it and one of these is the absence of clear screen or undo option. Usually children do not make continuous movements while tracing objects on the move of their fingers. This absence is no doubt useful for children, as they lack control over what they have just done and cannot undo that, so it turns into a lesson giving application.

The application does not start at the dot that was corrected last if kids have connected the dots in wrong order. This application informs kids with buzzer sounds that they have just connected a dot wrongly. In certain cases repeated buzzer is played when children make failed attempt to the line initiated again. However, presence of a simple undo button could have cleared this disturbance.

Apart from these minor flaws, Dots For Tots is truly a treat for its players, as even difficult pictures are easier to reveal. These can be unveiled with only 9 or 10 dots by including letters, numbers, and shapes. It is also valuable for its educator quality along with being a great entertainer. It allows children to recognize certain objects that are useful to develop their memory, as they learn to recognize shapes, numbers, letters and animals.

A free version of Dots for Tots is also available, which users can try before buying it. This application contains in-application purchases for the downloading of extra collections for just another $0.99. It is one of the best applications that have designed for kids.

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